wonderful panoramic view to village and black sandy beaches.  
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Santorini Princess, 5* from 170.00 Euro, Extra adult 45.00 Euro per person, per day, for all seasons and children up to 5 years old are not charged and babycot is provided for free.

Altana Hotel from 145.00 Euro, Junior Cavehouse Suite (triple occupancy), Superior Cavehouse Suite (2 Bedroom)-(quadruple occupancy).

Melina Hotel Santorini, from 55.00 Euro

Porto Fira Suites, from 165.00 Euro

Villa Ilias, from 88.00 Euro

Olympic Villas Santorini, from 59.00 Euro

Anemoessa Villa, from 67.00 Euro

Orizontes Hotel, from 95.00 Euro

Volcano View Hotel, from 175.00 Euro

Nikos Villas, from 187.00 Euro

Santorini Palace Hotel, from 55.00 Euro

Afroessa Hotel, from 108.00 Euro

Kallisti Thera Hotel, from 70.00 Euro

Kavalari Hotel, Extra adult 19.00 Euro per person, per day, for all seasons.

Rocabella Suites. from 215.00 Euro

Homeric Poems Hotel. from 285.00 Euro

Efterpi Villas Traditional Houses. from 120.00 Euro

Remezzo Villas. from 125.00 Euro

Dana Villas, from 72.00 Euro

Theoxenia Hotel, for winter 2015-2016 rates: stay 4 pay 3 night and for minimum 3 nights stay 10% discount.

Rimida Villas, from 125.00 Euro

Andronis Suites, from 388.00 Euro

Honeymoon Villas, from 176.00 Euro

Cyclades islands



   I work as the programmer and that's why for me a vacation on a sea side - is the best time from the entire year. My eyes and brain has a rest. If I wouldn't be a programmer, I probably would be a photographer or even would become a painter. It is so wonderful, to sit winter evenings and take a look on the photos from the summer holiday. If I could draw, on my pictures I would express, that I saw on Greek islands - sunset and sunrise and the sea.


   Most of all on vacation I like to do three things - to sleep, go for a drive on a board under a sail and to make a video. To watch few of my videoclips it is possible on my blog. Basically these videoclips are about children and those places where I've been. It is a pity only that on Santorini to go for a drive on a board it is extremely uncomfortable, but here it is cool to spend night in bars and to listen at night the insects.


   I like very much to cook. I am a chef in a restaurant and on weekend I cook at home for my family. On a vacation I like to choose those restaurants where a chef is cooking with soul, and not simply just for tourists. Such restaurants, exactly their owners I usually find in advance, before our trip to that place where we are going to have a vacation. Cooking for me, probably is the same, as having a rest - I get a lot of pleasure from it.