Quisisana hotel, Capri, Italy.  


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Quisisana hotel is the first hotel which has introduced an unique program of dietitian Pierre Dukan.

The program is named La Cure Minceur Hight Tech. It has been developed by experts of the hotel together with the well-known doctor Pierre Dukan, whose book "Je ne sais pas maigrir" ("I don't know how to loose weight") has been sold of 1 million copies in France. This book has found deafening success in France, as the diet really works. The basic idea of the diet is to become thin, without refusing from the tasty meals. This specially developed diet includes seafood, meat and even a dessert!
Without doubts, La Cure Minceur Hight Tech is the unique program in its own way. Experts-dietitians work with Quisisana hotel's residents and select an individual program for everyone. The program also includes individual programs of Spa therapy and Fitness lessons.
On arrival to the hotel visitors have a consultation with the dietitian in order to define an ideal weight for every client. After that, the dietitian makes an individual program of procedures, massages and etc. and the client gets a special diet guidebook which allows him to look after his nutrition. Also the hotel's experts develop a long-term diet.
As soon as the ideal weight is defined, is defined the time it takes for get an ideal weight. Thus, even when the guest leaves the hotel, the diet works.
Every guest gets to an unique atmosphere of care and attention at the Quisisana hotel.
Made in traditional style, this hotel combines a highest level service, together with a refined international cuisine and comfort.
Visitors can enjoy a magnificent sea view directly from the outdoor pool.
All new at the best hotel on Capri.

Via Camerelle 2
Capri (Italy)
Ph. +39 081 8370788 - Fax +39 081 8376080
GDS Code: LW
E-mail: Click to email = XXX@quisisana.com

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