Principe di Savoia, Milan, Italy.  


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Principe di Savoia hotel and cocktails.

Principe di Savoia Hotel's team have an honor to introduce you a new house menu of alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails, worked out by the famous group of luxury hotels barmen The Dorchester Collection. From the February 2009, in all seven 5* hotels which belong to The Dorchester Collection Group (Plaza Athenee and Le Meurice in Paris, Principe di Savoia in Milan, The Dorchester in London, The Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, New York Palace in New York) will be a possibility to try the cocktails from "DC" menu or to study the art of mixing the cocktails from the best masters. Famous barmen from The Dorchester Collection group with a great experience (some of them are working in this area already 25 years) worked out unique cocktails menu "DC", even the most demanding guests will be impressed by it. Some of these cocktails:
Barmen Giuliano Morandin, from The Dorchester Hotel (London) has mixed Old Tom Gin with exclusive bitter liqueur Bokers for Martinez Cocktail.
It is dedicated experts in strong drinks.
Non alcoholic collection "DC" includes 7 house drinks, designed by the same masters of cocktail art, only without adding the alcohol. Barmen Thierry Hernandez from Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris created a contrasting White Mojito, which is based on gentle petal of violets, roses and flowers of elders. Emanuel Faure from Bel-Air Hotel made a reality a taste of California in a dewy drink from cucumbers, lime juice and honey.
In addition to a new menu The Dorchester Collection Group invites guests to visit an individual master-classes of mixing the cocktails. Face to face with the guest, a barmen from The Dorchester Collection will open the secrets of house cocktails' preparation, he will tell how to prepare a perfect Martini and how to choose the ingredients for non alcoholic cocktails.
Moreover, the master of cocktails will help to the guest to find a harmonious combination of tastes for creating own unique drink! His receipt will be written on the flash-cart "DC", which a newly-made barmen will take home. By the way, the cocktail from the guest will be served in a bar like a special offer.
To make an appointment to the Personalized Mixology Classes is possible from the begging of February, 2009 year.
Personalized Mixology Classes with Giuliano Morandin from the The Dorchester Hotel in London can be booked for 5 persons as well as for 1 person. Master-Class last 2 hours and costs 200 GBP for two adults and 50.00 GBP for an extra person.

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