Mykonos Belvedere hotel, Greece.  


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Belvedere Hotel Mykonos.

Belvedere Hotel Mykonos represents only one Japanese Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant in Greece.
Member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World - Belvedere Hotel Mykonos represents Japanese Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant on their website.
Japanese Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant is only one in Greece with wine underground for 5 thousands bottles.
Nobu Restaurants is the most well-known innovation Japanese cuisine restaurants network. Established by head-cook Nobu Matsuhisa, actor Robert De Niro, producer Meir Teper and Richie Notar. Today there are 22 restaurants in 18 world cities.
In 24 years Nobu Matsuhisa accepts his client's offer to open a restaurant in Lima, Peru. At this time his own style began to perform, adding some Peruvian accents in traditional Japanese cuisine. Exactly at this time was born a celebrity chef - superstar cook - founder of "Nobu" empire, which includes 22 restaurants in 18 cities.
Nobu worked in Argentina and Brasil, moved to Los Angeles, where after 10 years opened Matsuhisa Restaurant. In 1994 year opened new "Nobu" restaurant in New York.
Restaurant received enthusiastic press and took High places in the list of the best restaurants in New York. Cuisine of the Nobu Matsuhisa pretends to the exclusive, assuming that the desire to visit this restaurant with such reputation can to justify not only the trip to the next city, but also and flight through Atlantic. Nobu has neglected this rule. In 1997 "Nobu" London was opened. It became one of the most well-known restaurants of capital of the United Kingdom and all the world. Michelin has appropriated to it the star, thereby having included it in the number of the best restaurants of a planet. Since then restaurants were opened almost every year worldwide - Las Vegas, Tokyo, Miami, Melbourn, Honolulu, Hong Kong... (Nobu Berkeley St. In London and Nobu Las Vegas also have received Stars from Michelin). Nobu became the most well known high quality restaurants network.
Has entered into number so-called celebrity chiefs - superstar-cooks. Matsuhisa acted in the following films - "Austin Powers. Gold member", "Memoirs of the geisha". He is the author of several recipe-books. All over the world restaurants "Nobu" are as magnet for gourmets and stars. The secret of "Nobu" popularity is simple kitchen which is offered to the visitors corresponds to exclusive concepts.
The gourmets can estimate on advantage the Japanese Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant in Belvedere Hotel Mykonos.

846 00 School of Fine Arts district,
Mykonos, Greece.
Tel: +30 2289 025122 - Fax: +30 2289 025126

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