wonderful panoramic view to village and black sandy beaches.  
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Above Blue Suites
Adamant Suites
Andronis luxury suites      (from 388.00 Euro)
Dreams Luxury Suites
Iliovasilema Hotel
Imperial Med Hotel      (from 65.00 Euro)
Katikies Hotel
Kirini Suites
Mediterranean Royal Hotel      ( from 50.00 Euro )
Mystique Hotel
Pantheon De Luxe Villas Hotel      (SPECIAL OFFER)
Santorini Princess      (from 184.00 Euro)
Tamarix Del Mar Suites
Thermes Luxury Villas
Volcano View Villas
Zannos Melathron Hotel

* * * *

Aegean Plaza Hotel
Aegean View
Aethrio Hotel       (from 57.00 Euro)
Aliko Luxury Suites       (from 275.00 Euro)
Alta Mare By Andronis
Altana Traditional Houses       (from 164.00 Euro)
Amerisa Suites
Andromeda Villas
Antinea Hotel
Aressana Hotel
Aria Suites       (from 162.00 Euro)
Astra Suites       (from 169.00 Euro)
Athina Cliff Side Suites
Atlantida Villas       (from 108.00 Euro)
Atlantis Hotel       (from 90.00 Euro)
Bellonias Villas
Belvedere hotel       (from 128.00 Euro)
Black Sand Hotel
Caldera Villas Hotel
Calderas Dolphin Apartments Studios
Canaves Traditional Houses
Cliffside Suites (Ex Grotto Villas)       (from 116.00 Euro)
Cori Rigas Apartments
Daedalus Hotel       (from 73.00 Euro)
Dana Villas       (from 48.00 Euro)
El Greco Hotel
Enigma Traditional Apartments
Erato Apartments       (from 33.00 Euro)
Filotera Villa       (from 135.00 Euro)
Golden Sun Studios & Apartments
Golden Sunset Villas       (from 123.00 Euro)
Gorgona Villas       (from 154.00 Euro)
Heliotopos Hotel
Hermes Hotel
Homeric Poems       (from 264.00 Euro)
Honeymoon Villas       (from 175.00 Euro)
Ikies Traditional Houses
Kallisti Thera Hotel       (from 62.00 Euro)
Kouros Hotel
La Perla Villas       (from 155.00 Euro)
Laokasti Villas       (from 62.00 Euro)
Mansion Koveos
Marillia Village
Mathios Village
Mediterranean Beach Palace Hotel       (from 53.00 Euro)
Nefeles Suites       (from 106.00 Euro)
Nikos Villas Apartments       (from 184.00 Euro)
Nine Muses Hotel
Nomikos Villas       (from 112.00 Euro)
Notos Therme and Spa Hotel       (from 93.00 Euro)
Olympia Villa
On The Rocks Hotel
Orizontes Hotel
Pegasus Suites       (from 153.00 Euro)
Perivolas Traditional Houses
Philippion Villas
Porto Fira Suites       (from 103.00 Euro)
Reverie Apartments
Rocabella Suites
Santorini Image Hotel
Santorini Palace Hotel
Scorpios Beach Studios and Apartments
Spiliotica Traditional Houses       (from 120.00 Euro)
Sun Rocks Residences
Sunny Villas
Theoxenia Hotel       (from 66.00 Euro)
Tzekos Villas       (from 112.00 Euro)
Veggera Hotel
Villa Ilios and Selene       (from 248.00 Euro)
Villas and Mansions of Santorini       (RATES 2012 from 220.00 Euro)
Vinsanto Villas
Volcano View Hotel       (from 95.00 Euro)
Xenones Filotera

* * *

Afroessa Hotel      from 108.00 Euro
Ampelonas Studios and Maisonettes
Anemoessa Villa      from 67.00 Euro
Anezina Villas
Annio Apartments
Argo Hotel
Armonia Hotel
Artemis Hotel
Artemis Studios
Astir Thira Hotel
Atlas Complex
Blue Dolphins Apartments      from 75.00 Euro
Calderas Lilium Villas      (from 125.00 Euro)
Casa Sofia Hotel      (from 75.00 Euro)
Costa Marina Villas      (from 51.00 Euro)
Efterpi Villas Traditional Houses      from 95.00 Euro
Ekati Studios and Apartments
En Plo Hotel Apartments      from 67.00 Euro
Fanari Villas      (from 252.00 Euro)
Galaxy Suites
Galini Oia Pension      (from 36.00 Euro)
Kalimera Hotel      (from 51.00 Euro)
Kamari Beach Hotel      (from 48.00 Euro)
Karidis Apartments
Kassimatis Studios
Kavalari Hotel
Krokos Villas
Lampetia Traditional Houses
Lenas House Hotel      from 95.00 Euro
Levante Beach Hotel      from 69.00 Euro
Marias Place Hotel      from 56.00 Euro
Merovigla Studios
Mill Houses Hotel      from 142.00 Euro
Oias Sunset
Olympic Villas Traditional Houses      (from 51.00 Euro)
Oniro Suites
Orion Hotel
Panorama Studios      from 112.00 Euro
Remezzo Villas      (from 117.00 Euro)
Rimida Villas      (from 114.00 Euro)
Rivari Hotel
Robertos Villas      from 20.00 Euro
Roussos Beach Hotel
Sigalas Hotel      (from 42.00 Euro)
Solaris Studios and Apartments      (from 53.00 Euro)
Strogili Villas      (from 86.00 Euro)
Sunshine Hotel      (from 43.00 Euro)
Thera Mare Hotel
Villa Ilias      from 105.00 Euro
Zephyros Hotel      from 42.00 Euro

* *

Alexandra Studios and Apartments
Amaryllis Hotel      (from 37.00 Euro)
Aneta Hotel
Boathouse Hotel
Castro Hotel
Drossos Hotel
Fomithea Hotel
Marianna Hotel
Melina Hotel
New Haroula Hotel
Onar Rooms and Studios      (from 25.00 Euro)
Pelican Hotel      (from 44.00 Euro)
Sunrise Hotel      (from 31.00 Euro)