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It is not a secret that all countries now have problems in economy, including tourist business.
For this reason the management of our travel agency Relbis Travel has made the decision on expansion of our services for our clients and partners.
Possibility is given to each employee of our company to communicate with clients using programs ICQ, Skype and etc.
Now we can answer to any of your questions even more operatively.
It is not a secret that any tourist who goes for the first time to Greece has many questions.
Most of answers can be found in Internet, but to find this answers every day becomes more and more difficult - every day appears a lot of new web sites.
For this reason, to have the answers to the majority of your questions it is possible now by using ICQ, Skype and other alternative programs. We plan to create our own Internet Chat for users of our site after we will find out the efficiency and a demand of already existing methods.
We hope that new possibilities of Internet Chat will be a useful and a convenient tool for tourists and our partners.

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My thoughts
I like to take pictures, and to watch them after, I find the most beautiful pictures the ones on the seaside background or with family and friends.
Yesterday a woman showed me all the pictures she had in the house, she is already 52 years old, there were pictures with her husband when they were young, her children also, with her parents that are dead now. I was thinking... it is good for me to live in such a period of time when there are telephone, photos, videos movies, books, and i wonder what were people dooing before all this were discovered, well the answer is simple they were tring to make their life easyer and more interesting than was, also i think then was more room for descovery and creation than now, maybe i am not right, I do not know.

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