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A tour of an Australian head-cook Simon Bryant at the Hilton Hotel.

From 11 November till 14 November 2009 year in the context of festival.
South Australian cuisine will take place a tour of hotel's head-cook, Hilton Adelaide (Australia), Simon Bryant at the Hilton Hotel. The embassy of Australia, Tourism Australia Organization, Singapore Airlines will support the festival.
Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and multifarious cuisines in the world, it combines West and East passions, ancient customs of aboriginals and recipes from whole the world. Simon Bryant is Australia born, he really loves his country and treats all comers with the best dishes of Green Continent with enthusiasm. Simon is a founder and ideological inspirer of style, which is called "Seriously South Australian Cuisine" in his homeland in Australia. The main features of this style are using only the best quality products, simplicity of taste combinations and fresh of sensations. Simon is sure that the main dignity of ready dish is a bonus quality and an individuality of starting product.
Simon Bryant will personally head a kitchen of Hilton Hotel and provide the menu which he has elaborated, during the first day of festival. Simon will offer to the guests "An Australian Sunday Lunch" on 14th of November, with an aboriginals' dancing show as a culmination.
Tours menu includes such dishes:
- Salad from Australian shrimps, Asiatic peppermint, coriander, palm-sugar, Chile and peanuts;
- Rolled in grapes leaves filleted mutton with French lentil;
- Baked pear in foliated pastry with chocolate, and a lot more.
Really Australian atmosphere thanks to Australian Embassy will be at the Hilton Hotel during two weeks. A special list of Hardys wines (the oldest wine making of Australia) are as accompaniment to the exclusive menu from Simon Bryant.
Some words about Simon Bryan:
Simon Bryan began his career in several Thai and Indian restaurants in Melbourn. Simon moved to Adelaide in 1995. He was a head of de partie at the Grange Restaurant in the Hilton Adelaide Hotel together with one of the well-known Australian chiefs - Cheong Liu. In 2001 Simon has been appointed the head cook of Hilton Adelaide Hotel where works till now.
Culinary classes, trips on local farms, writing the articles about the modern Australian kitchen, participation in the weekly television program on ABC (Australia) Channel and on radio, these are only some steps, which Simo undertakes for popularization of the Australian kitchen. In 2008 the Association of Restaurants of Australia named Simon Bryant "The Chief of Year".

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