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Athens - Mykonos - Delos - Naxos - Santorini - Amorgos - Nikouria island - Milos - Sifnos - Piraeus - Athens
Day 1 - June 8, 2015 Athens
Arrival in Athens and transfer to hotel. On the way to hotel the guests will have chance to see one of the fashionable places of Athens - Vouliagmeni. After accommodation we move to the center of Athens - to the highest hill of our city which is called Lycabettos at the foot of which in ancient times there was a school of philosophy. At 300 meters above sea you will enjoy the view from there, admire stunning panoramic views of the city. After visiting the Church on the top of the mountain - St. George the Triumphant we'll go to the Acropolis. We will have enough time to visit Athenian Agora, Museum of Keramikos with its unique exhibits. Next, walking through the picturesque old town of Plaka you will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs, jewelry as well as to have a lunch at the city restaurant.

kimon hotel athens Acropolis view

Day 2 - June 9, 2015 Athens-Mykonos
Breakfast “Buffet”, checking out. Transfer to the seaport of Athens - Piraeus. Catch ferry/catamaran to Mykonos (for 2 nights). Accommodation at the hotel. Walking to the center of island - Chora full of some monuments related to Russian - Greek joint struggle against the Turks. Of course we'll visit so called "Little Venice" with a lot of bars and clubs. Hotel in Mykonos.

mykonos cafe

Day 3 - June 10, 2015 Delos
Breakfast "Buffet". Excursion on a small ship to Delos approximately for 3 hours. According to the myths of ancient Greece Delos had a position as a holy sanctuary for a millennium before Olympian Greek mythology made it the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The island has a lot of attractions, among them - the temple of Apollo and Dionysus. On returning we'll have enough time for swimming or walking in the center of Mykonos. Hotel in Mykonos.

Day 4 - June 11, 2015 Mykonos - Amorgos via Naxos
Breakfast "Buffet". Check out. Departure to Naxos - for 4 hours. Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades. According to mythology, this was the nuptial isle of the god Dionysus, god of wine. This is why there is a sanctuary dedicated to Dionysus in the inland of Naxos. The Old Town is beautiful with tiny roads, alleys, archways and old houses, in and around the old Venetian Castle which we will visit. Then departure to Amorgos - an island with white houses, crystal clear water and a peaceful atmosphere.  Amorgos is by no means a commercialised island, though, and it is truly an excellent place for relaxing. Its rather harsh, mountainous surroundings are beautiful in a clean and dramatic way, and in the valleys there are hundreds of flowers and trees. Accommodation at the hotel - walking to Aegiali which is a pretty village built on a thin strip between the mountain and the sea. There are few shops, cafes and taverns here worth a visit. Hotel in Amorgos.

Day 5 - June 12, 2015 Amorgos
Breakfast. We begin our day with the excursion to the monastery Chozoviotissa which definitely is worth visiting. According to tradition it was built in the 9th century after a ship had sunk just outside Amorgos carrying an icon of the Virgin Mary, or Panagia (all saint) as she is called in Greek.
With a little luck the monks will offer you some local liqueur. To get to Chozoviotissa you'll have to climb many steps. From there you will see a beautiful view to the Aegean Sea. Then moving to beach Agia Anna, which is ideal place for snorkeling. Hotel in Amorgos.

Day 6 - 13 June, 2015 Amorgos
Breakfast. Relax on the beach or swimming in the pool of the hotel. Walking tour - trekking through the villages of the island and the sights of the Byzantine time. You will feel the nature of island. You will see old churches and monasteries. Close to evening return to hotel. Hotel in Amorgos.

Day 7 - 14 June, 2015 Amorgos - Santorini
Breakfast. Departure to one of the picturesque island of Cyclades – Santorini one of the most popular islands of Greece. The cosmopolitan Santorini is famous for its amazing views.Its distinguishing feature is the geological structure, which is caused by the activity of an extinct volcano. Today, Santorini is the only inhabited Caldera (volcano cauldron) in the world.
Approaching the island by boat the immediate impression obtained is this is a Greek island unlike any other. The island of Santorini was formed out of the lava from the volcanic eruption in 1660 BC. The central part of the volcano sank into the sea leading to the emergence of Santorini itself and the tiny neighbouring islands close by. Many scientists at the mention of Santorini are transferred in the days of ancient Atlantis. It has a steep coastline on the west and countless beach (gravel and sand) on the east coast. The capital of island is Fira which is very picturesque.
Arrival to island about midday. Transfer to hotel, accommodation. Relax, swimming in the sea. In the afternoon departure to the farthest point of the island -Oia, located 11 km from Fira. Oia is a surprisingly large town with just one street running along the entire length of the town with two sets of cliff-side stairways. The main street of Oia is divided into two parts, one for cars and the second is pedestrian only. Many little lanes and alleys come off of this street. You can experience practically the whole of the village by walking along the pedestrian street, with fantastic views all the way. The magnificent sunsets can be seen from here but the best places to view are from either end of the main street. In Oia the sunsets viewed from the Caldera, really are breathtakingly beautiful. In the evening return to hotel by tourist bus. Hotel in Santorini.

santorini transfer hotel

Day 8 - 15 June, 2015 Santorini Breakfast. Excursion to the prehistoric era visiting nice streets of the Bronze Age town with its colorful streets, houses and squares. In Fira you will find also artefacts and sculptures from the rich historical past of Santorini from the Prehistoric times, the Neolithic and Minoan era, the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Walking to Firostefani you will not leave the view to Caldera which is an unforgettable point of Santorini. Hotel in Santorini.

Day 9 - 16 June, 2015 Santorini - Milos
After breakfast we depart for Milos which is famous all over the world as "the island of lovers" because the famous statue Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Milos) the ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty was discovered in the island in 1820, and because it is the vacation destination of thousands of young as well as not so young couples, or young lovers, each year. As the discovery site of the famous statue, Milos also justifiably claims the title "island of Venus".
A true copy of Aphrodite de Milo rises in the Museum Entrance, which was made in the workshop of the Louvre Museum. If you visit the local Archaeological Museum of Milos you will get acquainted with many other exhibits and having been in the Louvre, you will always remember the island of Milos!
Milos is sometimes also called the "island of colors", due to the fascinating color form. Adamantas where we are going to stay is a modern seaside village which is situated inside the bay of the island and is one of the biggest and safest natural bays of the Mediterranean sea, and it constitutes the largest tourist center of Milos. The sights of Adamantas  include: the church of The Assumption of the Virgin, the catholic church of Saint Nikolaos, the Mineral Museum and the Church Museum where the one thousand year old church of The Holy Trinity is housed.
After accommodation at the hotel we will have excursion around the island visiting the most important sightseeing places: the village of Plaka, Sarakiniko beach, admiring the amazing "unearthly" landscape of the island. Hotel in Milos.

Day 10 - 17 June, 2015 Kimolos
Breakfast. After breakfast we will have an unusual cruise for the whole day, around the island with visiting Kimolos island which is a small one next to Milos Cyclades.
Kimolos satisfies every need for sea and swimming. They have one thing in common though... clean, crystal blue waters. Possessing a volcanic soil and a unique variety of minerals, it is famous for its fantastic beaches, ranging from thin sand to pebbles.
We will stay in picturesque places of the island. On the northwestern part of Kimolos, west of the "Sklavos" height, there is a huge stone mushroom, which the people of the island call "Skiadi". A natural monument that lies in the middle of a barren plateau with excellent view. Hotel in Milos.

Day 11 - 18 June, 2015 Milos - Sifnos
Breakfast. Around noon departure for the island of Sifnos which is the island of harmony. Snowy-white houses with traditional chimneys made of potter’s clay and small churches with blue domes, built on green hills, which lead to sandy beaches. This is Sifnos, the gem of Cyclades.
Sifnos is not just an island with beautiful nature. The island's history goes back many centuries, its cultural contribution is very noticeable, and the ancient customs and traditions rooted in antiquity, are still alive. In addition, the island is famous for its intellectual traditions, because it is the home of prominent poets such as A. Proveleggios, Swath, Sprantsa and so on.
After arrival to the island leisure and relax swimming in the sea with golden sand. Walking to the village of Kamari. For those who wish there will be a guided tour walking up the hill to the chapel of Elijah the Prophet at the top of the mountain (681 meters above sea level), which offers a breathtaking view of the bay and the village of Kamari. The journey usually takes around 4 hours. There its necessary to have running shoes, sunscreen, water.
Hotel in Sifnos.

Day 12 - 19 June, 2015 Sifnos
Breakfast. Island bus excursion with visiting the most attractive places of Sifnos island.
You will see the small village of Apollonia with its narrow cobbled streets and white houses. It’s a good looking and rather typical village. Beside that the small town comes across as modern. After that you will have a nice possibility to see Kastro which is considered the most beautiful and also the most romantic village on the island and Cherronisos where in the tavern, located in the bay, you can enjoy freshly caught fish. Be sure to visit the little church Hrisopigi (Golden Source), and other attractions of unforgettable Sifnos. Hotel in Sifnos.

Day 13 - 20 June, 2015 Sifnos - Piraeus
Today we are going back to Athens excepting those who wish to remain in Sifnos and admire swimming and relax on the island beaches.
We get Piraeus by Ferry Boat close to evening. Transfer to the hotel. Free time.
Hotel in Athens.

Day 14 - 21 June, 2015.
Breakfast. Free time. Transfer to the airport.
The tour ends but not the sweet memories associated with it.

The program cost: 1.120 euros for 14 days of travel

What's included: all domestic transportation: transfers as per itinerary - to and from hotels, seaports, ship tickets to and from islands including in the program, accommodation in all hotels in DBL rooms with breakfast, services of a professional tour leader, all excursions which are included in the program, entrance fees for sightseeing and visits to the mentioned museums, Visa support.

Additional payment for Single room: 270 euros.

What is not included: Air ticket to Athens and back, insurance, no meal excepting breakfast and other points which are not mentioned in the program.