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Seychelles or Maldives?

By Anna Georgiadis September 2007

I like to travel very much. Probably this is the best time in my life.
Certainly the main complexity is an expensive cost: air tickets, hotels, meals.
If I were rich, I definitely travel a lot.
But as my salary is enough only for one trip a year, I try to prepare for the traveling in advance.

New friends in that country where I going - it is a guarantee of a successful trip.
To see many interesting things, to feel only wonderful feelings and than to return full of power and impressions, does anything better exist?
For begin I certainly choose the country where I would like to go this year. Certainly depends on my friends' opinion. Someone has just returned from India, another was in Thailand, someone in Italy.
If I feel that my friend came back full of energy and pleasure and if I haven't still visited this place, I add this country in the list of the future travel.
There are sites about uninhabited islands, where some countries are compared. The main thing for me is to find friends in that country, so my trip can bring as much as possible positive impressions to me.
I am happy to make new friends and will be glad to share with the knowledge of those places, which I have visited.